A collection of micropoetry….

Keeping pillow
Soaked with sorrow
Sleeping willow
Cloaked tomorrow
Bend blinds
Search for sunshine
In the windows of my mind

When I hear the
Music of dragons
I imagine them distant
Humming harmony
Not outside the door
But at my enemy’s gate

Ma say look for Joy
An’ I saw the girl
Who’ll love her boy
I heard Joy sing
Gave’er a whirl
Giv’er a ring
She’s one fine thing

Wicked nights
Wicked days
He gave she got
Her wicked ways
This way come
This way sever
Forgive forget forever

I was never
First in her mind
Always second
Sight severed
Certified blind
She was prime
I was leftovers
A true love crime

You say
You don’t know
where we belong
I say
Let me show
Where we went wrong
I stay low
You go high
We sing our song

Her planet spins
An axis all its own
In it I don’t exist
Until I give my orb a twist
Our two worlds collide
We kiss

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