The AYE in prAYEr

When my aye is on the tableWhat He says He is ableStrength comes in HimNot I I’m incapableHumility not pride will winFight your own fightsAvoid the bouts of others’ sinVoid the doubts ‘er dare not standRehearse your salvationSing truth like … Continue reading The AYE in prAYEr


Still have that picture in my mind I shake my head back and forth But our last sketch is etched in time I headed south you turned north The trail went cold. That’s crime. Thoughts crossed couldn’t count the cost The more I was near the more I feared Now I see what was all too clear You left me behind while I was still here Why You sang when I was crying Erase Why You came when I was dying Erase Why Your hope sent me flying Erase Why Your grace asks no trying Erase While my heart keeps … Continue reading Erase