I got you out of my head But my heart is out of control I hear your voice and what you said Then the elevator starts to roll Buttons start depressing Unseen fingers on the numbers Floor by floor I’m caressing Every memory I sought to encumber As I imagine your whisper The lift rises higher still Motives mired with not her Give way to thoughts she will Hope hoists yearning to the cranium Unchained desire opens the door The guitar of my mind starts to strum You were gone now you’re not any more Continue reading Elevator


Still have that picture in my mind I shake my head back and forth But our last sketch is etched in time I headed south you turned north The trail went cold. That’s crime. Thoughts crossed couldn’t count the cost The more I was near the more I feared Now I see what was all too clear You left me behind while I was still here Why You sang when I was crying Erase Why You came when I was dying Erase Why Your hope sent me flying Erase Why Your grace asks no trying Erase While my heart keeps … Continue reading Erase