Minds clear
Hearts fair to partly cloudy
Reality settles near
Sifting thoughts; some clang loudly
Against the walls of my mind

Until that dark September
I wrote, you read my lyrics and rhymes
Taking your thoughts to another day and time
And then still I remember
Your words, your calls, even your cries
Your looks, your pause; I store your sighs

Minds change, change for the better
Hearts rearrange, exchange one letter
What once whispered l-o-v-e to your heart
Now spells m-o-v-e apart, with no hint of places
Places we can meet or space we can give

Yet I wish to hold our warm thoughts
In that special little box I keep on the shelf
Where I keep our walks and talks to my self
When we needed what we sought; where us we caught
Maybe I can’t go back there
But you will let me peak inside dear
Will you let me say good-bye there?

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