The market for a mate

A mix of fickle and fate

Make mention of an old date

Make way for a lonely state

Making music

Mixing magic

Fixing to pick

Need not panic

Or get dramatic

Love grows slowly

Falling in is only

A sitcom anomaly

More like hundreds

More like thousands

More like day after day

In paradise in one way

Marooned on an island another

The question is when brother

When will and who will it be

When you decide who is we

Not the one in a million

But the one whose opinion

Matters more than yours

The one with dominion

Not for hours days but years

When life apart means doom

Life together means all in

Life tethered

Whatever weather

May take artillery

Auxiliary armory

To withstand bombardment

To battle sentiment

To settle down

To have the mettle

To marry


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