Don’t know how
Don’t know why
But from the first moment
When you were moving in
And I was moving you
As you gazed in my eyes
I knew you were for me

Sure no one told you
Least of all me
Least of all you


Every time we met
Seemed best one yet
Then a storm with no warning
A warm front cued 
cold clouds forming
Whispered in my ear
sweet nothings
are here
As much as we try
Can’t reason why
This is it

The one for me
Who was for you
The fun for me
Always been true
Mind’s never changed
Only the view

One thought on “Then

  1. Another beautiful poem. I absolutely loved that movie you have pictured. So much so that I posted about La La Land the next day. I loved the way it ended…just a bit of a twist to get you thinking. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the follow. I appreciate it. I’ve enjoyed reading your work.

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