Some people

Some people say religion is a crutch
But I doubt you can ever pray too much
Some people think faith is fraud
But not giving thanks is faking as God
Some people feel self help’s the best answer
But self can’t help when you hear the word cancer
Some people act like they’ll live forever
But will ask for mercy on the 12th of Never
Some people change when they can’t stand the weight
But you don’t have to wait until life disintegrates
Some people

2 thoughts on “Some people

  1. Hi Carrik. robert_lyon_ from Twitter. Great poem. Question. Is your site a wordpress self hosted website or a site? I’m wondering because mine is a wordpress self hosted website and I can’t figure out how to integrate with so that people with sites can still follow me. I notice that you have the wordpress follow option in the top right. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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